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Healthy snacks - ideal for those times of day when you need an energy boost.


We all love a snack (or two). It could be something tasty to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch. A packet of crisps to accompany sandwiches or a bar of chocolate to help get through that afternoon dip. We are no different at Nuts & Grains. When the kettle is boiling crucial decisions have to be made. Just which one of our healthy snacks will we tuck into with our hot beverage..?


Among our extensive range of healthy snacks you'll find all those household favourites; crisps, chocolatesweets. There are also plenty of savory options and handy size bars to choose from.


Our range of healthy snacks

The healthy snacks that we stock are packed full of natural goodness. Bars stuffed with nuts, seeds and other super foods. Chocolate products free of refined sugar. Snacks suitable for vegans and plenty that contain no gluten, dairy or egg.


So, dunk a lentil chip, break off a square of mocha raw chocolate or get a natural kick from a goji and red berries power ball and rejoice in the fact that you are taking a healthy snack option.


If you require any help or advice regarding our range of healthy snacks, please pop into our shop in Mullingar, Ireland or use the Enquiry Form to send a question.

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