Maca Powder
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Maca Powder

Size: 100g


Pre-cooked  (under 45 degrees) Vegan friendly 3Root Maca
This maca is selected from the finest organically cultivated sun dried cream (yellow), purple and black roots. They use 80% black, 15% purple and just 5% of the cream roots as the black and purple macas have higher nutrient levels so you get a better product with quicker results.  Its preparation starts with washing using a special washing machine and an Organic biodegradable detergent; then it is uniquely ‘gelatinized’. This is essentially cooking the Maca, but this unique maca product is pre cooked at less than 45 degrees celsius. Following this it is cooled and immediately taken to be milled and packed. Why cook it? The cooking process breaks down the bonds that bind its starch molecules to the amino acids and other compounds locked within. It maintains all its wonderful properties and renders it a minimum of 30% more bioavailable than regular raw maca. This new unique process leaves behind all of the phytochemicals and nutrients therefore concentrating the important elements of the maca root. pre-cooked maca is the subject of most modern maca research.

100g (33tsp) of pre-cooked black, red & cream organic maca root powder.

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